PROSEL aims to develop a software tool for composite component design & manufacturing which provides recommendation of materials & process selection, as well as design & manufacturing guidelines, depending on product application & requirement specifications. It will create a ‘Materials and Process Selection and Design for Manufacture Guidelines Tool’ to assist with the design & development of new composite component applications.

Currently in the UK composites industry, there is a vast array of both well-established & emerging materials forms & process techniques for the manufacture of advanced composite components, but outside niche sectors there is insufficient understanding of their applicability & limitations for component shape & affordable manufacturing.

PROSEL will generate a ‘lessons learned’ summary from UK composite component designers, material suppliers, manufacturers & end users. This will advise on the applicability of materials forms & manufacturing technology for component applications, & also develop a materials & process selection tool & expert system to support new application feasibility & detail design studies. Alongside this, a set of demonstrator parts will be manufactured to highlight the features of a wide range of materials and process technologies. Use through the National Composites Centre will validate the tool.

Lead Partner

Cranfield University

Main contact: Andrew Mills


Axillium Research






The PROSEL project has developed a software tool for composite component design & manufacturing.... Read more

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